My discovery of the Growler

I first discovered Growlers at Green Leaf Brewery in North Vancouver early 2014. It was the first time I saw something so cool for beer. Immediately I needed to buy one and fill it up with the delicious Bitter Leaf IPA.

Green Leaf Brewery Growler

Since then I have been on a mission to explore different local breweries and add to my growler collection.

The great thing about them is that they cost around $5 to purchase and you can bring them to any brewery to refill with what they have on tap. You just need to wash them out before.

Growler and flight
Growler and flight at Green Leaf Brewery

It might cost between $8 to $15 per refill for 64 fluid ounces or 1.89 litres of beer. While at the breweries you can get a flight to taste the beers that are available and choose the right one to take home. Plenty of craft beer deliciousness.

Strange Fellows Brewing Company Growler Collection
Strange Fellows Brewing Company Growler Collection
Postmark and Strangefellows Growlers
Postmark and Strangefellows Growlers

Hello Beermaid followers!

Hello everyone my name is Catherine, I am Canadian and live in Sydney Australia with my Fiance and our son Seth. When I first started this blog we were living in Vancouver Canada where we were exploring many different breweries and to try new local beer and beer cocktails.

I enjoy a variety of beers from lagers, beer cocktails to more hoppier IPAs and flavoured beers such as Ginger Beer, Ales and whatever is in the taster flight!

I also enjoy cooking delicious Mexican food as I lived in Mexico for 7 years.

I work in the Catering Industry organizing Events, Conferences and Weddings. Soon I will be planning our own wedding.


Hopefully you will enjoy my blog about Beer, Mexican Food, Cooking and and maybe some other fun topics 🙂


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