Ginger beer is delicious and there are lots of good ways to enjoy it! The alcoholic version is my preferred kind. My favourites are below:

Crabbies – alcoholic ginger beer is so refreshingly tasty. It almost tastes like ginger ale but with a kick but not too strong at 4% alc./vol. It comes in different flavours and is sweet.

Crabbies Ginger beer
Crabbies Ginger beer

Stones Ginger Wine – mix this into a glass of nice light easy drinking beer for a┬árefreshing ginger beer cocktail. It is about 13.5% alc./vol. and I would recommend about an ounce per pint of beer.


Phillips Ginger Beer – a nice light beer at 5% alc./vol. with a spicy ginger taste. Very gingery and very refreshing!